How do I create in a new account?

In order to use neos you have to register an account in a Jabber server. In order to do this, follow these steps:

1. As soon as you start running the program, a window named “Profiles” will open, in which you must enter the name of the new profile.

2. Click the register button in the main window

3.In the register account window, complete the entry fields, then select one of the two options:
a)To create an account select “I want to create a new jabber account”
b)If you already have a jabber account and want to use it, select “I already have a jabber account which I want to use”.

Select the server where you want to create the account from the server drop down list. (ie: If you already know the server name, you can enter it manually. Enter a user’s name and a password in the corresponding spaces. Write the password again in personal financial management course password configuration.

Once you have finished these steps, the account will be automatically created debtors education course (for point a); otherwise (point b), it will be registered to the server where it already exists. From now on, neos will be ready to be used.

How do I add a new contact ?

Follow these steps,

To add a new contact:

1.Click the Add button which is on the free promo code right bottom side of the main window. The add contact window will be opened

2.In the add contact window select the instant messaging network to which the user belongs. Then select the user’s identification depending on the selected IM service (i.e.: for ICQ users, it is a number; for the MSN users, it is an e-mail address, etc.)

To add a new contact through searching:

1.Click the search button which is in the left bottom side of the main window. The services' window will open.

2.In the services’ window, select the instant messaging network in which you want to search (ie: ICQ Transport). Then click the search button and the search window will open.

3.In the search window, enter the criteria by which you want to search: name, last name, nickname.